Urban Prairie Waldorf School

First Grade

The Child

First grade children share a great desire to learn.  Memory, imagination, and enjoyment of rhythmical  repetition are common to this stage of development.  First graders remain very connected to adults, often forming strong attachments to role models.    The child is still somewhat “dreamy” and is more able to bring broad awareness than focused attention to the classroom.

The Class

The first grader makes a great transition from the Early Childhood program to a more formal learning environment in grade school.  Much learning takes place through activity and imitation.  During this year, students will acquire the good habits of classroom life that will carry them through their eight years at UPWS.  Cultivating reverence for nature, class social cohesiveness, care for the environment, respect for others, interest in the world and a feeling of confidence in their teachers are all goals for the first grade class.

The Curriculum:



  • Introduction of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Times tables up to 7 through rhythmical practice and movement.
  • Number riddles and word problems



  • Pentatonic flute
  • Lyre
  • Seasonal songs and games
  • Singing lessons

Language Arts

  • Letter forms and sounds
  • Letter blends and word families
  • Write simple sentences.
  • Read one’s own text
  • Oral recitation and drama



  • Beeswax modeling
  • Wet on wet water color painting
  • Basic drawing
  • Form drawing

Mandarin Chinese and Spanish Immersion Class

  • Establish comfort speaking and answering questions in class
  • Vocabulary including numbers, animals, family members, foods, seasons and colors.


  • Large muscle activities, circle games and movement exercises
  • Jumping rope
  • Skipping, hopping and climbing
  • Children also enjoy daily recess time.



  • Fairy Tales
  • Nature Stories



  • Establish timing, coordination and spatial awareness

Natural Sciences

  • Nature studies
  • Observation of the weather and environment


Field Trip

  • Class enjoys a day trip to a local nature preserve or state park.


  • Finger knitting
  • Felting
  • Knitting