Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Fourth Grade

The Child

Fourth graders become more self-confident as their perceptions of the world sharpen. They possess greater social and academic skills that allow them to become more independent. These developmental steps broaden the child’s perspective and open a world of endless, exciting possibilities. The fourth grader has an adventurous spirit, is full of curiosity, and is eager to explore new capacities for learning and creativity.

The Class

While the third grade curriculum helped the child to reconnect to the world around them through practical studies and activities, the fourth grade curriculum helps the child orient themselves in space and time through a study of local geography. Fourth grade students possess the solid academic skills needed to participate in more independent projects. The teacher directs their curiosity about the world toward nature and animals.


The Curriculum:



  • Continued work on long division
  • Measurement including weight and volume
  • Fractions
  • Factoring
  • Proofs



  • Musical notation and sight reading
  • Harmony, rounds and canons
  • Songs in minor key
  • Orchestra – choice of violin, viola or cello

Language Arts

  • Verb tenses
  • Parts of speech
  • Composition and writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar, punctuation and capitalization
  • Oral recitation and drama



  • Beeswax and plasticine modeling of animals
  • Painting story motifs
  • Form drawing including celtic knots
  • Advanced drawing techniques


  • Local and state geography
  • Mapmaking


  • Imaginative games that combine organized physical activity with rules and strategy
  • Running, jumping and throwing games
  • Orienteering



  • Norse myths
  • Poetry


Mandarin Chinese Immersion Class

  • Continued work on characters and pinyin writing
  • Beginning Grammar
  • Simple reading
  • Dictation


Natural Sciences

  • Farming and gardening in local plot
  • Zoology



  • Choreography and gestures for the major and minor moods in music


  • Local history of natives peoples
  • Early explorers

Practical Arts

  • Build Viking-style forges and experience the art of blacksmithing



  • Embroidery
  • Cross-stitch

Field Trip

  • As a part of their work on local and state geography, the fourth graders take a multi-night camping trip to place of interest in the region where they can hone their orienteering and map-reading skills.
  • Visit local points of interest that support the fourth grade curriculum.

Spanish Immersion Class

  • Study of animals
  • Songs and stories for cultural literacy