Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Fifth Grade

The Child

Fifth graders are confident, enthusiastic and capable to doing increasingly challenging academic and artistic work. This is frequently considered a “golden year” in which children exhibit a definite harmonious quality before becoming saddled with the challenges of adolescence. They also have an increasing understanding of personal responsibility and a growing awakening to the larger idea of ethics

The Class

Fifth grade marks a pivotal point in the curriculum. While the students begin the year with studies of the mythologies of several ancient cultures, they transition away from mythology into history with the biography of Alexander the Great. They will wrestle with ethical question of his “Great”-ness. They also continue to hone their research and presentation skills with an independent project. Botany and Geometry present students the opportunity to explore the wonder and beauty of the world around us through mathematical and scientific lenses.


The Curriculum:



  • Decimal
  • Fractions
  • Metric System
  • Freehand Geometry



  • Music theory and composition
  • Minor and major scales
  • Songs in three part harmony
  • Songs from ancient cultures
  • Orchestra – choice of violin, viola or cello

Language Arts

  • Active and passive verbs
  • Parts of speech
  • Composition and writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar, punctuation and capitalization
  • Oral recitation and drama



  • Beeswax and plasticine modeling of animals
  • Painting story motifs
  • Form drawing including geometric forms
  • Advanced drawing techniques


  • North America


  • Greek sports to prepare for summer pentathlon (running, wrestling, long jump, discus, and javelin)
  • Team sports



  • Mythologies of Ancient India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece
  • Biographies of great men and women


Mandarin Chinese Immersion Class

  • Continued work on characters and pinyin writing
  • Conversation
  • Simple reading
  • Dictation


Natural Sciences

  • Farming and gardening in local plot
  • Zoology



  • Stepping rhythms, themes from ancient cultures, and geometrical forms


  • Ancient India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece
  • North America

Practical Arts

  • Woodworking



  • Knitting in the round with four needles

Field Trip

  • Participate in Pentathlon with other Waldorf schools in the Great Lakes region
  • Visit local points of interest that support the fifth grade curriculum.

Spanish Immersion Class

  • Conversation
  • Beginning Composition
  • Study of plants
  • Latin American legends