Urban Prairie Waldorf School

From a 7th grade lesson book on the Reformation

Seventh Grade

The Child

In many ways, 7th grade can be characterized as the year of looking ahead. Finally able to call themselves teens, these students are chomping at the bit, ready to join the world.  Their horizons are expanding, and every day can be full of wonders.  As the seventh grader moves into a new phase of growth, adolescence, she/he brings a new capacity for critical thinking to the subject matter at hand.  These students are charged with emotional vitality and question everything around them.  They seek to learn the boundaries of authority and the laws of science.  The social experience of the class is also very important for the seventh grader.

The Class

The 7th graders enjoy an intensive study of the Renaissance, which brings all previous cultural achievements to a glorious flowering and ushers in a new age of wide scientific inquiry and exploration.  The students enthusiastically dive into this exploration and take this energy into their own studies of Africa, South America, and Asia.  They are also met with new opportunities to explore the world around them through chemistry, physiology, astronomy, and physics.

The Curriculum:


  • Algebra
  • Geometry III
  • Business math II



  • Renaissance music
  • Music Theory
  • World Music
  • Motets, madrigals, and ballads

Language Arts

  • Original writing and summaries
  • Essays
  • Comparisons and research papers
  • Poetic forms
  • Oral recitation and drama



  • Sculpture
  • Painting story motifs
  • Form drawing including geometric forms
  • Advanced drawing techniques


  • World geography including Africa and oceans and tides
  • Map reading


  • Vigorous training exercises
  • Sprint work
  • Tumbling and gymnastics
  • Team sports



  • Historical novels
  • Arthurian legends
  • Scenes from the Renaissance
  • Poetry
  • Tales of adventure and discovery


Spanish & Mandarin Immersion Classes

  • Expansion of reading and writing skills
  • Cultural History
  • Biographies
  • Songs and poems


Natural Sciences

  • Chemistry: combustion, chemical transformation
  • Physiology: 9 systems, nutrition, first aid
  • Astronomy
  • Physics:  light, magnetism, static and current electricity, mechanics



  • Challenging concentration exercises
  • Expanded grammatical forms
  • Complex shifts in geometrical forms


  • 1400-1700: Age of Exploration, Age of Discovery, Reformation, Renaissance

Practical Arts

  • Metalworking
  • Woodworking



  • Making spiral hats using mathematical progressions

Field Trip

  • Three to four day camping trip to high ropes course.
  • Visit local points of interest that support the seventh grade curriculum.