Urban Prairie Waldorf School

From an 8th grade lesson book on Meteorology

Eighth Grade


The Curriculum:



  • Practical math
  • Number bases
  • Set theory
  • Pre-algebra



  • Elizabethan songs
  • Symphonic form
  • Chorus and orchestra
  • Improvisation

Language Arts

  • Original writing
  • Newspaper reporting
  • Business and practical writing
  • Play writing
  • Oral recitation and drama



  • Sculpting
  • Advanced painting
  • Advanced drawing techniques


  • World geography focusing on Asia, Australia, and Antartica

Sports & Movement

  • Team games and sports
  • Long distance running
  • Track and field sports



  • Shakespeare
  • Epic and dramatic poetry
  • Stories of different people around the world


Spanish and Mandarin Immersion Classes

  • Grammar
  • Written composition
  • Biographies
  • Historical and cultural topics


Natural Sciences

  • Chemistry: organic chemistry, metals, gasses, solids
  • Physiology: bones, muscles, the ye, body chemistry
  • Physics: acoustics, heat, meteorology, hydraulics, aerodynamics



  • Challenging concentration exercises
  • Ballads and humorous pieces


  • 1700-present
  • American and French Revolutions
  • Industrial Revolution
  • modern American history

Practical Arts

  • Metalworking
  • Woodworking – building a useful project



  • Advanced knitting and felting
  • Sew clothing on a machine

Field Trip

  • A week long trip that includes a community service aspect
  • Visit local points of interest that support the sixth¬†grade curriculum.