Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Administration Weekly Update - May 29, 2014
Upcoming Events   (5)
Saturday, May 31
11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Summer Fest

Summer Fest, the best potluck picnic of the year, is Saturday May 31 from 11:00-2:00. This wonderful community event will be at Urban Prairie this year, 1220 W. Lexington, in front of the school with activities and games at the park.

  • Parking can be difficult, but zone 5 parking limits will be waived for the day.
  • Safety at this event is extremely important.  While all faculty members of UP and CG will be on alert, we want to stress that parents and guardians are responsible for the well-being and safety of their children during Summerfest.  Arrigo Park is open to the public and the park is very large space for small children.
  • To preserve the ambiance of the event please refrain from bringing any water toys.
  • See your teacher’s weekly email for more information about what time your child should be at Summerfest for any class activities.
What to Bring?
1.       1st Grade Families bring entrees for 8-10 people.
           2nd Grade Families bring a salad or fruit for 8-10 people.
           3rd Grade Families bring a entrees for 8-10 people.
           4th & 5th Grade Families bring desert for 8-10 people.
  • label all items for allergies if possible.
  • Please label all serving bowls/plates with your name so we can be sure they return to you.
2.    Table service for your entire family. There will be no paper/plastic goods. You will need to bring forks, plates, cups, etc.
3.     Picnic blankets are recommended as tables and chairs are limited.
Fun at the Festival
Arrive by 11:15 to see the upper grade school classes perform intricate dances around the May Pole. The rest of the festival will include games for all ages, hula hooping, face painting, cake walk, sack race, cornhole, chalk drawing, and more!
This is a great year-end gathering in the style of a block party.

Sunday, June 1
Sign up deadline for June Camps

Summer camp promises to be a great time.  Please see the updates on our website as we are offering Handwork the week of June 23 along with Bookmaking.  Click here for more details.

Please contact Peggy at peggy.lofgren@urbanprairie.org if you have any questions regarding registration or prefer manual payment.

Tuesday, June 3
All Day
1st Grade Field Trip

See Ms. Vander Meulen’s e-mail for details

Wednesday, June 4
6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
UPWS Music Concert

Please join us for the first ever Urban Prairie Music Concert on June 4th at 6pm!! The concert will feature music from classes 1st-5th performing on strings and with their beautiful singing voices.

Dress Expectations
We are requesting that 3rd-5th graders wear black or white tops and black bottoms.  
Girls that wear skirts must wear leggings. Also, please stay away from heels for stability purposes.

First and second graders are expected to dress formally, but are not required to wear all black.

Call Times

3rd-5th grade students are expected to be at Urban Prairie at 4:30pm to prepare for the performance.

1st-2nd grade students are expected to be at Urban Prairie at 5:15pm to prepare for the performance.

*  If your child stays for aftercare that day, please send a hearty snack for them to eat during aftercare. The school will provide some healthy snacks as well but we want to be sure they are well fed before the concert.

The performance will begin at 6pm and promises to be delightful.   

Friday, June 6
12:00 p.m.
Last Day of School & Potluck

Everyone is invited to enjoy the last day of school.  Classes will end at 12:00 p.m. at which time parents can bring their children to a potluck in either the 1st floor hall or at the park.

Zone 5 parking will be waived so you may come in the school to gather your child’s belongings prior to going to the park.

Children must be accompanied by a parent to attend the potluck or they should be picked up at school.

Aftercare is not available.

To preserve the ambiance of the event please refrain from bringing any water toys.

Reminders   (2)
Jump A Thon Donation and Pledge Collection

Thank you for a great Jump a Thon. It was so much fun and a great spring day!

You will be receiving the final jump counts for your student via e-mail.  Please have them collect and bring or send in all donations by June 6.  Families can still use the Crowdrise link for donations or pledge payments.

We have raised $6000 already with donations to Crowdrise and flat donations already turned in.  I can’t wait to see what we achieve after our per jump pledges come in.

2014-15 Tuition Agreements

All families should have received an email from TADS with information about your 2014/15 tuition agreement.  All agreements and payment plans must be set up by per the TADS guidelines.  If you have any questions, please contact peggy.lofgren@urbanprairie.org.

School News   (1)
2014-15 School Calendar

The school calendar is under final review by the faculty.  While some dates are set such as the first day of school is always the Tuesday after Labor Day, others are not.

Administration and Faculty is well aware of the recent strain on families to attend multiple events in a relatively short period of time.  As we look at 2014-15 calendar, we are reviewing how we can space these events out or combine some events.

We hope to provide the calendar next week.

News from Parent Council   (3)
Class and Individual Photos

All student photos were taken last week, and you will be able to view and order them as early as next week. Once available we will provide you with the website to purchase the photos.

The students did a great job and looked wonderful!

School Yearbook

We plan to have a yearbook available for preview at the end of year picnic and will have more information available next week, including pricing, order deadlines and pick up dates

UPWS T-Shirts

Did you get a new school t shirt? They are still available! We’ll have infant/toddler, youth and adult t shirts for sale at the Summer fest and the last day of school, $5 for kids/$10 for adults. Thanks to everyone who already got one!