Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Administration Weekly Update - December 11, 2013
Upcoming Events   (4)
December 13, 2013
2:00 p.m., Seating begins at 1:30 p.m.
Shepherd's Play

Dear Parents,

As many of you know, each year the faculty presents the Shepherds Play, a nativity folk play passed down for generations originating on an island on the Danube River. The play is filled with lovely images, and is mostly about the hilarious shepherds who end up journeying to find the newly-born Christ child. The Shepherds Play is a tradition in Waldorf schools. While each school does it a bit differently, it is a wondrous thing to know that communities all around the world are also performing it, some probably at the exact same time.This year’s play will be held in the 1st Floor Hall at Urban Prairie.  Parking restrictions for Zone 5 will be waived but finding a spot can be difficult, so please allow extra time to find a space.
Part of the fun of the play is that the faculty members vehemently deny being in it.  We hope you will join us in upholding that mystery, especially for the young ones who actually don’t recognize their teachers in costume and really see shepherds, but also for the older ones as they still enjoy the tradition of secrecy.

UPWS children will be sitting with their class and we hope to see families in the audience. We ask that any  families attending with younger children have their child sit with them and please escort fussy young ones and crying babes out of the hall until they can return quietly.  Eating, phone usage, photography, and video recording during the performance will be prohibited.

Dismissal will be at 3:20 p.m. and there will be aftercare available for UPWS students after dismissal.

We look forward to seeing you at the play!

Saturday, December 14
9:30 - 11:00 a.m.
UPWS Open House

Would you like to share your family’s experience at Urban Prairie?  Do you have a friend who is considering our school?  Please join us at the upcoming Open House Saturday, December 14 at 9:30!

Wednesday, December 18
6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Winter Garden Advent Observance

As the darkest days fall upon us, the festival of the winter garden celebrates our inner light.  Children are told a story by their class teacher and then proceed to walk a double spiral of pine boughs laid out on the floor.  In the center, there sits a lit candle on a log, on which the children light their own candles.  The path out is lined with gold stars, of which the children choose one to place their candle.  Placing the lit candle on the gold stars is symbolic of offering the highest part of ourselves in service to others.

This year we will hold two separate observances of Advent Spiral.  Children will walk the Advent Spiral during the school day with their teacher and class. Candles will be provided by the school.

There will be a separate community event in the evening with ambient live music for families and community members to walk the Advent Spiral if they wish.  We invite you to come at any point between 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. and walk the spiral.  If you would like to have your  grade school child(ren) join you for this evening observance you may do so.  We request that you bring your own candle.

Friday, December 20
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
UPWS Holiday Break Gathering

Park your car instead of waiting in the pick up line and help your child clean out their cubbie and collect any school work to be brought home.

We will serve beverages and light snacks in the Hall for all to enjoy before leaving for the holiday break.

School News   (2)
Welcome New UPWS Familes

We are delighted to welcome two new families to the UPWS community this week.

Fiona & William Greenland parents of Alasdair in the 4th / 5th grade class.

Fabiola & Ernesto Saucedo-Stern parents of Emma in the 1st grade class.

Tuition Assistance for 2014-15 school year

Please be aware that tuition assistance applications for the 2014-15 school year are due to TADS and should be completed on the TADS website by 12/30/13.  Please visit the TADS website for additional details or contact Peggy Lofgren at peggy.lofgren@urbanprairie.org or Heather Berhalter at admissions@urbanprairie.org.



Board News   (1)
January 9, 2014 Board Meeting

There will not be a Board Meeting in December.  Our next meeting is January 9, 2014. While the agenda is still being finalized please find our the study article “Shop Class as Soulcraft” by Matthew Crawford attached.  20090526_TNA13Crawford2009

News from Parent Council   (3)
Thank You to all Holiday Fair Volunteers

Thank  you to everyone who donated their time to make this year’s fair a success. Whether you baked goodies, worked at our table or came to one of our crafting sessions leading up to the fair, your contribution is what makes this community so special.

Special appreciation goes to Brandy Masoncup, Leslie Navia and Lisa Geiger for their donations, as well as Angela Dayrell and Christina Sedlmeier for leading after school class students in food and craft donations.

Despite the cold, the children had fun, bellies were full, and hopefully you were able to pick up a stocking stuffer or two. Stay tuned for more info about the items that are left which are for sale next week only! We also had our first donation of leftover food given to the Pacific Garden Mission which was received with great appreciation.  We look forward to establishing a relationship with them in the future!



Become a morning drop off volunteer!

Please complete this doodle poll with your DECEMBER availability. Remember, if each family donates one morning of their time from 7:45 – 8:15 am, everyone will have a great drop off experience throughout the month. Three parents are needed each morning.  MANY THANKS TO THOSE PARENTS WHO HAVE VOLUNTEERED SO FAR THIS SCHOOL YEAR!

December Drop Off Volunteers

Take Charge of Education®

Target wants to help Urban Prairie! If you have a Target Red Card, designate Urban Prairie Waldorf School as your school. Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard purchases at Target stores in the U.S and at Target.com. They send the school a check each year! Right now, six parents are signed up for this program and have raised over $1000.00. Can we raise that number this year? Applications are available in the office or at your local Target Store’s Customer Service desk.