Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Administration Weekly Update - February 5, 2019
Upcoming Events   (5)
Wednesday, February 6
1st Grade Parent/Guardian Evening

Wednesday, February 6
4th Grade Parent Night

Friday, February 8
Gala-planning Pizza Party @ Shapiro Ballroom

We’re planning a party!  Come for the pizza, stay for the party-planning.  We’re meeting at the event space, and kids are welcome.  Please RSVP here so we know how much pizza to order!

Friday, February 8
5:30 - 8:30 pm
Biography Workshop - Sensing Spirit

Some members of our community meet regularly to do biography work led by Paulette Arnold, a well-known figure in this field. This month the group is meeting at Urban Prairie and would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested.

The workshop will be focused on sensing spirit. If you are new to the idea of biography, work you can learn more here.

The workshop is $12. If you have questions please reach out to Sarah Steedman (ssteedman@sbglobal.net) or Paulette Arnold (paulettea123@hotmail.com).

Thursday, February 21
6:30pm @ Chicago Waldorf School
Lisa Damour "The Adolescent: Working with the Gifts, Challenges, and Complexities of the Modern Teenager"

Acclaimed author Lisa Damour is speaking at Chicago Waldorf about working with adolescents as a part of the AWSNA Regional Conference.  Find more information here.

School News   (2)
February Hot Lunch Menu

You can find the hot lunch menus for Gourmet Gorilla by clicking the links below:

Feb 19 Gourmet Gorilla Hot Lunch 
Feb 19 Gourmet Gorilla Hot Lunch GFDF

The online ordering deadline for the following week is always Wednesday at midnight. Orders can be placed at www.gourmetgorilla.com.

Note that the option to repeat an order is not working, if you would like hot lunch ordered through the end of the month please email me (sophie.huckabay@urbanprairie.org) and I will get this processed.

For detailed instructions on placing orders click here.


Middle School Pizza Wednesdays Fundraiser

The 6th and 7th grade classes will be selling cheese and gluten-free cheese pizza every Wednesday starting February 6th.

Orders must be placed by lunchtime Tuesday. You can order through TADS by clicking here or pay with cash by completing this order form.

Cheese Pizza: $3.00/slice
GF Cheese Pizza: $4.00/slice

Curious Questions   (1)
How high of a structure can you build with 50 toothpicks and a stick of beeswax?

The middle school engineering club took up this task in their 1st meeting on Monday, and the tallest structure was 1 meter high!

Parent/Guardian Community   (1)
First Friday Coffee Review

We had a small but tasty get together last Friday for February’s “First Friday coffee.” Please join us on March 1, at 8:00 am in the Parent Community room across from the library for our next parent coffee. There are always delicious things to eat, hot coffee and tea and an opportunity to catch up and connect with our school’s community of parents, teachers and administration.

In Gratitude   (1)
Thank you to Gyasi Kress!

Thank you to Mr. Kress for clearing the snow from the parking lot last week.  It was a huge task, and we were so thankful for his help.