Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Miss Avellone's Class
Weekly Update - May 17, 2019

Dear Fourth Grade,

This week we officially learned how to properly use quotation marks. We also are working more actively with the proofreading shorthand marks, which will lead to them more intentionally self-checking their composition work before handing it in. They did a small composition this week describing the transformation of a character in our “Manabozho story” (as they call it). The assignment involved conjunctions, adverbs, interjections, verb tense, and paragraphing. They are building towards a larger individual composition next week.

This week’s phonemic work centered around -able and -ible. I’ve “upped the ante” on the math practice problems, making the base problems and the challenge problems a bit more difficult, since the class as shown themselves ready. Our morning warm up includes a rhythmic ball bouncing sequence in which we have to work as a group to engage our hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, listening, and patience. Our flute playing focused this week on the difficult-to-play low tones. Lots of breath control needed.

Reminder: I will not be teaching Monday-Wednesday of next week. I’ll be with our 5th grade class at Pentathlon, returning on Thursday for Jumpathon. Ms Kiefer will be teaching Morning Lesson in my absence. Mx Bala will hold the class for the majority of the “down” times like lunch and homeroom, as well as teach some of their mid-morning or afternoon skills lessons.


It has been announced to the students that both Riley Lim and Lex Biggers will not be returning next year. Please join me in wishing them and their families all the best on their next adventure.


Though I had all sorts of dreams of spending the last full week of school out on expeditions, alas, it didn’t work out that way. However, we will be taking one more trip! Our postponed fishing trip! Mr Joseph (Girma’s dad) came in this Wednesday and did a great presentation on fishing that fit right into our Zoology and Geography work. You may have noticed that your student came home with handmade a handmade fly. Thank you, Joseph!!

We will be fishing at Northerly Island on Tuesday, June 4. We need 2-3 chaperones. We’ll leave first thing, around 8:00, and probably return by 1:00/1:30. Any takers?

Students will need loaded Ventra cards and packed snack and lunch, but nothing else. All equipment will be provided. Fishing is catch and release.


  • Spirit Week next week!
    • Monday: UPWS t-shirt or tie-dye.
    • Tuesday: Pajama day
    • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday!
    • Thursday: Jumpathon! Dress in color team color. (Go Blue Team!)
  • Family Camp, Saturday, May 25. 
  • Cirque de la Prairie, May 31. Looking forward to partying with you all! Please contact Heather with any auction item donations.
  • Fishing Expedition, June 4. Packing list is a loaded Ventra card, packed snack and lunch, and water bottle.