Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Miss Avellone's Class
Weekly Update - June 7, 2019

Dear Fourth Grade,

For those who were not able to attend the music concert, they sounded amazing! They performed a three-movement piece with focus and enthusiasm. What great things Mr Garcia has achieved with them, together with Mr Galat, and Ms Saltman.

Thank you to Aimee (Rene’s mom), Cody (Emmett’s mom), and Danila (Elena’s mom) for chaperoning our very wet fishing trip. Thought the weather wasn’t excellent, I was still happy we went. Many of them caught fish! Also, they returned to the prairie we visited in mid-April and were able to speak on the changes, the flora, and the fauna, despite being cold and wet. It was as though they actually learned geography things this year, and seemingly retained that information!

In other news… We completed our morning lesson books, heard the very last Manabozho story (the story arch that began the first day of school), did lots of math practice, and have started to pack up for next year.

In my teacher life away from the children, I’m preparing to write year-end reports. It has been a blast to look at everything they accomplished over the course of this year. Please be aware that I will need to reference their lesson books in order to write reports. Due to this, they will not be able to take books with them the last day of school. I will schedule a book pick-up day for late June.


  • Closing Ceremony, June 12, 11:15. Our (now) traditional last day assembly is open to the community. Feel free to join us!
  • Open Dismissal, June 12, 12:00-12:20: Our last day is a half day. If you’re able, please come in for a final day hug/smile/fist pump, and to help your student cart any last items home.
  • Pride Day at ChiCAT, June 28, 3:00-7:00pm: Our neighbors down the block are a really fantastic art program that we are developing a relationship with. They are celebrating Pride and have invited all our families as well to this kid-friendly event. See you there for good music, food, games, and more.