Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Avilas's Class
Weekly Update - June 18, 2019

So here we are, beginning our summer with rising second graders!  What an amazing year this has been!  It is fun to think back on the many memories from the year.  From the rose ceremony in September, to our strong debut in the Festival of Courage, to our welcoming of a new friend in the late fall, to breaking our own jump records as a class, to all the songs, games, stories we have shared, to the forts built, to the negotiations among classmates, to the mud play, to our class play, to the walks to the green space…this list goes on and on!  I am thankful for the opportunity to teach this class and to continue to learn and grow together.


Our final (short) week was filled with excitement as we worked together to pack our classroom, clean it well for the rising first grade class, and move(!) into our new space. Our final Morning Lesson of first grade was spent in our new classroom with our new furniture.  Don’t worry, our strong crew can still move these desks and we will continue to clear our space daily in second grade to create ample space for our movement work.


I wish you all a wonderful summer filled with open spaces—physical open spaces and open spaces of time.  I hope to see you at some of the opportunities for gathering at the beach or at UPWS.  (see below for more details)


We teachers are gathering this week for our Work Week to close our year, but also to plan for next year. I have been spending time reflecting on the growth of the rising second graders and writing the end of year reports. In a few weeks, you will receive notice that they are ready for you to view on BigSis.  When you do receive them, please remember that my feedback to students at this age is offered in the moment.  The reports are for your eyes only.  Thank you for honoring that strong request.


Upcoming Events


Pride Family Day with ChiCAT, June 28, 3-7pm

This year we’re joining ChiCAT to celebrate Pride Day!  There will be food, music, and games for all.  See the flyer for details.  I will be in Colorado with my extended family, but I hope you can make it!


Keeping in Touch this Summer!

You don’t have to miss friends over the summer–there are many opportunities to get together to play (or work) this summer!

Tuesday Beach Days @ 31st St Beach – Every Tuesday families gather at 31st St. Beach–bring a snack and plenty of sunscreen.  Families come and go all day.

Wednesday Night Potlucks – gather in the play lot between 5 and 8, bring a dish to share, and catch up with friends.  We’ll occasionally have a work project for anyone who would like to come a little early (clean up the library, painting, etc).