Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Avilas's Class
Weekly Update - September 7, 2019

Classroom Highlights

Week One of Grade 2 is in the books!  We sang, we danced, we played, we wrote, we read, we solved, we jumped, we drew, we observed, we cleaned.  We jumped right back in!

After our first day, we continued our form drawing week, experiencing the path of the mouse from our first fable.  Wednesday, the children walked the form in the morning sunshine.  Then we took off our shoes and socks and drew the form with our toes in the sandbox.  After we traced the form on one another’s backs, we let the form rest.  Thursday we drew it in our morning lesson books and used it to enhance a border around our writing.


Although our week was anchored in form drawing, we also sprinkled in some language arts work.  The children reviewed the story and drew an image of the lion and the mouse.  The following day we wrote a sentence together.  This was a shared writing activity in which children were helping identify the sounds in words.  After we played with that sentence a bit, the children had the chance to write it in their books and then read it back.


A highlight of our week was visiting the gardens in the front of our school.  The children were amazed at all the vegetation that has grown over the summer!  Some noticed the changes in plants and fruits, others were in awe of the height, and others were enchanted with seeing common veggies growing on a plant in their school’s front yard!   Some of our nature walks will be right in our own yard this year and during others, we will venture into the neighborhood to observe seasonal changes.


This year, we will be keeping opposite content of the block alive in morning activities and in skills classes.  We have four skills classes aside from painting each week.  One will be used for math games, one for language arts games, one will be used for nature studies, and one will be for gymnastics and tumbling.


Next week we will dive into our first math block where we will spend time reviewing Grade 1 math content, but also building on that.


Upcoming Events


Picture Day, September 18


Parent/Guardian Evening, September 19, 6-7:30pm 

I invite you to gather in our new classroom exploring Grade 2 work and “the second grader.”


Festival of Courage, September 28, 3-6pm

Join us for our first festival of the school year!  The children will all offer a pageant to open the festival.  Then stay for the pie contest and community potluck.



Parent/Guardian-Teacher Conferences, November 25-26

I realize conferences are 2 months away, but having that on our calendars early will help to ensure that we are all able to meet on these dedicated days.