Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Avilas's Class
Weekly Update - November 9, 2019

Classroom Highlights

Although short, it was a full week in Grade 2!  The children really rose to the occasion for our walking trip to the theatre on Tuesday! They were helpful partners to first graders, respectful audience members, and strong walkers!  Thank you for sending them ready to walk on a chilly, sunny day and for sending plenty of food to sustain them.  I never heard one complaint about hunger!  Our round trip walk was 3 miles!


We wrapped up our language arts block with a scavenger hunt throughout the halls of our school, searching for words that have one (or more!) of the sounds we have been exploring this block—all the short vowel sounds, the h helpers, and ng.  Half the class searched for the vowel sounds, half searched for the others sounds.  It was a perfect culminating activity to our word work this block!


The children heard the story of Martin who helps a person in need, sharing his cloak in order to keep him warm.  We imagined what that cloak must have felt like between our fingers and then shared with one another how we might describe that cloak.  When reviewing a story, at times, it is a simple retell; however, often, I am working on ways to engage the children in the recall in ways that engage their feeling life.



Outdoor Clothing Policy

Thank you for supporting the children by sending them prepared each day this week!


70 degrees and warmer: Shorts, short sleeves

65 – 70 degrees:  long pants required, short sleeves acceptable; long sleeves encouraged on cloudy and / or windy days; rain gear required if raining

50 – 65 degrees: long sleeves required; jacket layering recommended

40 – 50 degrees: jacket required; additional layering recommended

30-40 degrees: multiple layers required; outermost layer must include winter jacket, hat and gloves / mittens; scarf highly recommended for all ages / required for lower grades (EC – 3)

Below 30 and if snowy: snow gear required – winter jacket, snowpants, hat, gloves / mittens, and boots



Upcoming Events


Experience UP, November 16, 9:30-noon

Be a Waldorf student for a morning (like you’ve always secretly wished, right?). Bring a curious friend or a wondering grandparent, and let them experience your child’s education first hand. Childcare available, $30.


Community Fair, November 16, noon-4pm

This is a time for families to share their businesses, hobbies and talents with each other, the community to mix and mingle, and for everyone to do a little shopping!

Reserve your table by clicking here.

Table space is limited and registration will close Monday, November 11, so be quick and sign up today!


Festival of Thanks

We will celebrate the Festival of Thanks on Friday, November 22. For those of you who were here last year, some of the things we do will be familiar but there are also some significant changes! Please read carefully to know what we need from all of our Urban Prairie families!

Wednesday, November 20: Bring your assigned food item! 

Family Food Assignments

Each family with students in grades 1-8 is asked to bring something for our shared meal. Instead of assigning by grade we are assigning by family.

Additional Items and Help Needed!

  • Plug-in hot plates for soup cooking
  • Large stock pots
  • Large folding tables
  • Helping hands! We need helpers on Thursday, 11/21, to help cook soup in classrooms and on Friday, 11/22, to help prepare and serve the meal

If you have items we can borrow or helping hands to lend, email sophie.baumgartner@urbanprairie.org.

There will be an assembly in the afternoon of 11/22. While this assembly is not open to the whole community those helping with the meal are welcome to stay. The fourth grade will be performing the story of Stone Soup!