Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Avilas's Class
Weekly Update - November 23, 2019

Festival of Thanks

Thank you for contributing to our shared meal on Friday!  Our class and some friends from the Hummingbird Garden were also tasked with assembling all of the soup for the entire school on Thursday. We chopped any veggies that came in whole, lined up our desks, set up 13 crockpots/instant pots across them, and began assembling!  Once all the ingredients were distributed, we then carried the pots to classrooms so they could cook.  And, finally, we washed all the dishes that had come to us full of veggies.  Thanks to Julia Smart for being with us as the children did this good work for the entire school!

Yesterday, we sat with our color teams for our shared meal of vegetable soup, cornbread, and fruit.  When previewing this in the morning, we brainstormed ideas for conversation starters with children from other grades.  Later in the day, we also gathered for our assembly where each class offered gratitude, the 4thgraders brought us “Stone Soup” as a play, and we sang together.  It was a lovely way to bring a close to our week before a weeklong break.


Preparing for Conferences

Conferences are next week! If you have questions you’d like me to address when we meet please email them to me.

Please also consider these questions over the coming week in preparation for our time together.

*What have been highlights for your child in 2ndgrade?

*What successes is your child experiencing right now at home?

*What are some challenges at home for your child at this time?

*What are your hopes and dreams for 2ndgrade (and for this entire journey)?

I look forward to meeting with each of you next week!


Classroom Highlights

We worked once again with a large number of items—this time popsicle sticks that represented the firewood that was cut to share with others for keeping warm, cooking, and providing light. Children are moving to counting by 10s once they see the need.  When all the groups combined, they also saw the need for grouping by 100s.  All the children successfully wrote 479 independently after we organized, grouped, and found our total.

This week we also spent time continuing to relate the four processes.  We compared how Tamara Times and Perry Plus would combine groups of 6, but still end up with the same total.  We also explored how Duke Desi Divide and Tamara Times would work with groups of 10.  The children saw (again) how those processes were opposite of one another.


In our craft class, we began sewing our flute cases!  The children chose their colors, pinned their work, prepared the thread to prevent it from getting tangled, and even began dolphin stitches to put the pieces together. The children eagerly embraced this work and will have the opportunity to come back to this after the break.

We began our week with the story of Hiawatha and the Peacemaker.  The following day in our review, I was able to share that the tribes that Hiawatha brought together and restore peace with also began sharing an address of Thanksgiving each time they gathered.  They expressed their gratitude for all the gifts from the Creator.  We then were inspired to share our gratitude for the gifts from nature.  From their ideas, a poem was formed that we shared at our Festival of Thanks.