Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Avilas's Class
Weekly Update - March 1, 2020

Classroom Highlights

We came back from midwinter break ready to dive back into our math work!  This week, our focus has been on bringing back our place value work, continuing to work with the skip-counting & times tables, and patterns that emerge when we add groups of 10 or groups of 100.

We revisited the firewood that is collected and organized into crates (100), bundles (10), and singles (1).  We worked with reorganizing the firewood, continuing to develop their flexibility with number.  Firewood that had once been 3 crates, 12 bundles, and 11 singles became 4 crates, 3 bundles, and 1 single or 400 + 30 + 1, or 431 pieces of firewood.  Next week, we will begin working with numbers in the thousands.  I have just begun to use the official language of the place value work and used crates/hundreds, bundles/tens, and singles/ones places interchangeably.


To preview that work in the thousands, in some of our Count Around the Circle work, we have entered the thousands verbally while counting up by 100s: 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, etc. We have also counted around the circle by 10s starting at a number in which a non-0 is in the ones place. These routines are fun and engaging, but also have been a helpful way to introduce or practice the concepts.


I have begun telling a story that I will bring them throughout the block—The King of Ireland’s Son.  It is a rich and deep story that we are all enjoying.  And, we are excited that it is one we will be able to live with for quite some time, which offers a different feeling than the shorter fables or helpers of humanity stories.  Once in awhile, there will be some math to pull from it, but mostly, we will be enjoying the story for the sake of story.


In other news, we began Eurythmy with Mr. Ebersole!  As we were in our first session with him Monday, I was filled with gratitude for this opportunity for him to bring this to our class and school.  Please be on the lookout for a Parent Education opportunity with Mr. Ebersole.


On Thursday, we had the opportunity to welcome Tom Lee (father to Leonie and Sam) again.  This time, he and three other puppeteers brought a creative and artistic and inspiring shadow puppet show The Lunar New Year Great Animal Race.  After watching the show, Tom graciously answered questions and shared behind-the-scenes bits of information.   Thank you to Tom and the other artists for sharing this with us this week!  We enjoyed it very much!


Upcoming Events


UPWS 10th  Birthday/Waldorf 100 Celebration, March 7

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Held at the stylish Co-Prosperity Sphere, with deliciousness from Folklore, dance music, and an exciting silent auction, this is sure to be the party of the year…no, the decade…no, the century!


When: Saturday, March 7 from 7:00 pm – midnight

Where: Co-Prosperity Sphere

3219-21 S. Morgan St.

Chicago, IL 60608

Wear: Festive attire and dancing shoes



Parent-Teacher/Guardian Conferences, March 12-13

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Spring Break, April 4-14 (We return on Tuesday, April 15)


Grandparents and Special People Day, April 24 from 9-11am (Note that this time is different than in the past.)


Festival of Spectacles & Mayfaire, May 2

This will be the day of our Grade 2 Class Play.  PLEASE mark your calendars and let me know if your child has a conflict ASAP.