Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Avilas's Class
Weekly Update - March 6, 2020

Classroom Highlights

As promised, we explored into the thousands place in our place value work this week!  Because the images are grounded in the cut firewood, we continued with that and they saw that 10 crates (or 10 hundreds) equals 1 wagon or 1000 pieces of firewood.  Then they had a chance to figure out or prove the number of bundles (or tens) that could fit into a wagon.  It was fascinating to observe them working through this.  I heard children asking themselves, “Now how am I going to prove this?” or “Let’s try…”  It was a challenge they rose to beautifully.

Throughout the week, we continued to explore place value, solving word problems, using what they are learning about place value to solve strings of problems in our Math Talks, and count around the circle in reinforcing ways.  We took a look at some other materials that will continue to help us solve problems as we move from the concrete to the abstract in our problem-solving.


The children continued to work on skip-counting patterns and multiplication tables as well.  This work is often done with the rhythmic work of jumping rope or bean bag passing.


Although we are in a math block, the children are engaged in other work, especially in the morning as they enter the classroom.  Aside from the classroom jobs that are taken care of at that time, such as feeding Valentine, washing vegetables, or folding the clean rags,  I often offer some kind of small academic piece to engage them as the settling in is occurring.  I have included a making words activity that they have worked on during this time.  We call these tasks our “To do” and range from estimating the quantity of gems in a jar to showing many ways to make a number to this word-making activity.  The children are eager to engage independently in this work.  Because the 3rdgrade has Eurythmy on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 2ndgrade has taken up the care of the goats those days during this block.   This is another meaningful starting activity that begins some of our days.

I am certain you heard, but just in case you didn’t—3rdgrade welcomed 2ndgrade to their Movement class on Wednesday afternoon!  The children had a blast and Ms. Kondrat reported that it was such a healthy opportunity for all of them.



Upcoming Events


UPWS 10th  Birthday/Waldorf 100 Celebration, Tomorrow!

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Held at the stylish Co-Prosperity Sphere, with deliciousness from Folklore, dance music, and an exciting silent auction, this is sure to be the party of the year…no, the decade…no, the century!


When: Saturday, March 7 from 7:00 pm – midnight

Where: Co-Prosperity Sphere

3219-21 S. Morgan St.

Chicago, IL 60608

Wear: Festive attire and dancing shoes



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Spring Break, April 4-14 (We return on Tuesday, April 15)


Grandparents and Special People Day, April 24 from 9-11am (Note that this time is different than in the past.)


Festival of Spectacles & Mayfaire, May 2

This will be the day of our Grade 2 Class Play.  PLEASE mark your calendars and let me know if your child has a conflict ASAP.