Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Avilas's Class
Weekly Update - April 13, 2019

Classroom Highlights

In anticipation of knowing this week could bring it’s challenges—post- class play planning and sharing and pre-spring break buzzing—I planned for a few events that would allow us to keep our general rhythm, but bring a bit of novelty as well.


We did, indeed, wrap up our language arts block, which culminated in revisiting all of our letter verses this week and  playing Catergories!  You may have seen the game board of that come home Thursday afternoon.  First, we folded a sheet of paper to create quadrants. Then we pulled a letter out of a basket. After that, the children drew pictures that fit the category and began with that letter.  For example, the first category was “Animals” and throughout the room, children were drawing either a penguin, a peacock, a panda, or a pig. We’d share and then move on to the next category of “Food” and again draw an item that began with the letter P.


At this time of year, the outdoor space invites good work from each of us.  On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, we joined Ms. Merchant and a 7thgrader in filling buckets with woodchips and hauling them to the gardens with a partner.  The children also had an opportunity to plant beet and cabbage seeds.  It was invigorating to start our day with fresh air and initiating our will in such a meaningful way.



Because of play rehearsal and preparation, we had not had Form Drawing class last week.  On Tuesday we revisited the spiral through movement, drawing and bending only at the waist, and creating with varied materials.

To prepare for our field trip to the Barton Senior Residence, 5thgrade came to our classroom on Thursday to co-create bird feeders.  We made the bird feeders to hang outside the windows at Barton. We created them from toilet paper rolls that would have been thrown away (thanks for sending these in!).  The partnership between the two grade levels was lovely.

On Friday, the children greeted the residents, sang together beautifully, walked hand-in-hand, and played across grade levels.  It was the perfect way to transition into Spring Break.