Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Avilas's Class
Weekly Update - May 10, 2019

Upcoming Events


Mayfaire, May 11, 11am-1pm

Join the Urban Prairie Community for this celebration of spring. Play games, take a tour or our gardens, share some food, and much more.

**As always, please keep the village eye on all children during festivals!  Thank you!**


Parent and Guardian Night, May 21, 6-7:30pm

We will gather to look ahead to summer and to Second Grade!

Please let me know if you are not able to attend.


Jump-a-thon, May 23

Please send back the envelope with your addresses ASAP!


Spirit Week, May 20-23

Monday—Tie Dye or UP Shirt Day

Tuesday—Pajama Day

Wednesday—Wacky Wednesday

Thursday—Color Team Day/Jump-a-thon  (let me know if you need a reminder of your child’s color)


No School for Children/Records Day for Teachers, May 24


No School—Memorial Day, May 27


Cirque de la Prairie, May 31

I am looking forward to seeing you all there!  Please contact Heather with any auction item donations.


Classroom Highlights

Much of our focus this week was on making sense of quantities when they are combined.  Our concentration game shifted to Doubles Concentration in which the children tried to match 8 to an 8 and then figure out what 8+8 is…sometimes with the help of our trusted friend, the rekenrek.


I will give another plug for the rekenrek.  It is a tool that easily shows quantities and anchors to the 5 and 10 structure of our number system.  I have included a photo below.  The beads rest on the right side of the rekenrek until they are needed to “show” a quantity on the left or “pine” side of the rekenrek.  The images below show first 4 and 4.  Then beads can be traded so the total quantity stays constant, but the beads are showing an amount in an easier-to-see way.  The children have used ten frames in our Math Talks as well that have supported their development of relating quantities to 10.  The rekenrek continues to develop this as well. My goal is for children to have plenty of visual experiences with the quantities using the tools so that when the tools are no longer there, they still can visualize the quantities in such a way and use that to solve problems flexibly and with automaticity. Automaticity is different from memorizing.  When children have automaticity, they rely on relationships to work through a fact, rather than just hoping that they never forget the math fact!

This week, we had the opportunity to add bunny hops of 3 onto our number line that had only shown the bunny hops of 2.  We had a chance to share what we noticed.  It was fun to see which numbers were skipped by all the hops, which had just one hop onto it, and which had both hops onto it.  The children noticed patterns when invited to share as well.


Although we had rain, we still worked and played outdoors this week, continuing to notice the springtime changes.  

While sitting and sharing our observations, it is always fun to hear the “oh yeah!” when our attention is brought to something we may have not yet noticed. It encourages us to look up, down, and all around outside and notice and appreciate the changes we encounter.


In flute, we continue to use our breathing and fine motor skills to create beautiful sounds.  This week, we began using another finger to create another note.  This takes much practice and patience.