Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Avilas's Class
Weekly Update - June 8, 2019

Upcoming Events

Last Day is a Half Day, June 12

Children will be dismissed at noon on our last day of first grade. Families are welcome to attend the closing ceremony at 11am followed by open dismissal at 12:00. There is no aftercare on this day.  Please pick up students by 12:20.

Pride Family Day with ChiCAT, June 28, 3-7pm

This year we’re joining ChiCAT to celebrate Pride Day!  There will be food, music, and games for all.  See the flyerfor details.

Classroom Highlights

This week we continued to review content from our previous language arts and math blocks.  We enjoyed working with clay yesterday to create words.  With each new word, just one sound changed.  We went from pet to let to met to men.   We also played familiar math games, which continue to be an effective way to bring practice and fun into this work.

We enjoyed another Italian fairy tale this week, The Little Date Tree.  Again, it was peppered with humor.  The children heard it over two days and had the chance to do a Tableau Review of the story.  While doing this, they each choose a part in the story to present.  By the time all the children share their piece, much of the story is represented by the children in a freeze-frame within our classroom.

For Form Drawing this week, the children had the opportunity to hear a story about a child in search of the flower market in a town.  The child went searching in and out of the streets searching for this market with magnificent flowers of every color.  Day after day, street after street, until finally, the child found the travelingflower cart where the child was able to choose a bouquet to take back to their parent.  This story led us into our form drawing—the path of the child searching for the flower market.  They had a chance to walk the form, draw it on one another’s backs, and then on their slates.  After sleeping on it, we came back to the form and brought it to paper.

We took a nature walk on our school grounds since there is so much to observe.  Our focus was on the apple trees in which tiny pieces of fruit have appeared where a blossom used to be.  The children were thrilled to notice this change and feel the velvety smooth surface of each growing apple.

In Painting, after spending the last few weeks, inviting colors to come together, the children had the opportunity to allow the primary colors to meet each of the others.  In doing so, a rainbow of colors appeared in their wet-on-wet painting.  It was a lovely way to end our first grade painting experiences.

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to attend the Music Concert presented by Mr. Garcia and 3rd-7thgrades.  We were blown away by the beautiful music they were able to create together!  We had fun reviewing the pieces the next day and sharing some highlights.


This week, LaRiyah shared with the class that she will not be returning to UPWS next year.  It’s been a joy getting to know LaRiyah this year.  We are going to miss her friendship, her playfulness, and her awe in discovery.  It will be difficult to say goodbye next week, but LaRiyah and Qiana know that we would love to see them at future festivals at UPWS.