Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Cather's Class
Weekly Update - March 15, 2019

Thank you to everyone who came out to Conferences today and yesterday. It is always so fruitful to touch base and discuss how things are going with your children.

We had a short, but productive week in 5th grade!

Social Outing

Thank you to Briana Villarrubia and Monica Saxena for organizing a

social event for the 5th graders last weekend! We went to Thatcher Woods Forest Preserve to view a film about finding the wonder of nature in our own back yard, and then took a hike through the woods. It was wonderful to see the 5th graders and their siblings exploring together in the woods. I am reminded that children need only an open trail in the forest to have a good time. Some highlights–according to the kids–were following a frozen creek and finding an abandoned beavers’ dam! Thanks to all who came out. I hope we can plan some more like this in the future.

Morning Lesson

This week in Morning Lesson we practiced the lines of our play and the 5th graders were finally given their roles. They are excited to practice the blocking next week. They should have their scripts at home and be memorizing their lines. We will have more than one Lorax, which should be interesting!

For our geography study, we learned about the Midwest and the Southern States. I told an Abenaki tale called “Gluscabi and the Game Bag,” and they drafted and peer-edited compositions to retell the stories. I had the students separate into groups to do some research about the Southern States. Each group researched a different topic: Southern food, music, and natural environment of the Southeast and the Southwest. They presented their findings to the whole class on Wednesday. Samuel even brought in some sweet tea to share, while his group presented on Southern food!

State Reports

We went to the library on Wednesday, where almost all of the 5th graders found books about their states. There were a couple of exceptions (California, Colorado) where books did not come in yet from the inter-library loan, so the librarian will contact me when they do come in, and I will pick them up. The 5th graders should all have their books with them to begin reading over the weekend.

IMPORTANT: Please help your 5th grader remember to bring their state books to school on Monday. I will guide them through the research process, and the time will be much less productive for them if they don’t have their books. They will need them at school every day next week.

I have attached guidelines for the reports to this newsletter. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. In a nutshell, we will work on researching, taking notes, and writing their written reports in school. They are expected to create and practice oral reports, as well as a poster display at home. Finding additional resources such as books or information from the internet (as long as that is monitored and curated by an adult) is encouraged.


Have a great weekend!

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