Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Cather's Class
Weekly Update - April 5, 2019
What a week we’ve had! Your diligent and productive 5th graders managed to prepare for their play AND give their State Reports in the same week! I’m blown away by their work ethic and determination. They seem nervous, but also excited to show you what they’ve been working on.
Personal Endeavors
Both the State Reports and Class Play represent significant personal endeavors for the 5th grade students. Both produce beautiful “end products,” which are essentially gifts to the community. Perhaps even more important though, these projects inspire a sense of striving in the students to do good work and show their golden selves. In both projects, the students also had to put in work over an extended period of time, rather than have the immediate gratification of seeing a finished product after one period or one day. They are learning and practicing skills that will serve them throughout their lives, in and out of school:
  • Planning ahead
  • Time management
  • Hard work
  • Goal setting
  • Overcoming obstacles and setbacks
  • Presenting one’s work to the public
  • Writing and speaking to be understood
…and many more!
Please join me in congratulating your 5th graders on the hard work they have been doing.
The State Reports are downstairs and being admired by students, teachers, and parents alike. I will leave them on display this weekend, so you can come and look at them when you are here for the Festival of Spectacles as well.
Upcoming Events
  • Festival of Spectacles: tomorrow!
  • Festival of Rebirth (Earth Day): Friday, April 12
    • The 5th graders will be joining the 1st grade class in visiting Barton Senior Home to do an “upcycling” craft, and sing some songs. Then we will take the 1st graders over to Arrigo Park to play on our old stomping grounds!
  • Spring Break:  April 15-19