Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Cather's Class
Weekly Update - June 14, 2019


Dear 5th grade families,

The end of the year really snuck up on me! It’s been a really great year, and I am so grateful to get to teach such an incredible group of young people. Thank you for all of your support and trust in me.


We spent the last week of school doing meaningful work, including finishing up book work pages, learning more about Ancient Greece from the stories of Odysseus, writing letters to Mr. Garcia, Mx. Bala, and our first grade buddies, and visiting our trees at the green space for one last time. In what I have really come to value as a tangible way to signal the transition to a new school year, we packed up our 5th grade classroom and moved into our new 6th grade classroom across the hall! There was a lot of packing, organizing, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning to be done, but it helped to have a clear purpose for this work, and to think about leaving the classroom in the kind of condition to properly welcome the rising 5th graders. I have attached some pictures of the final days of school, as well as some from our trip to the National Hellenic Museum.


I am now hard at work at our faculty’s June Work Week, where we are reflecting on our year and laying the groundwork for a successful 2019-2020 school year! I have been meeting with Mat Riendeau and Andi Pearl to make plans for the middle school as well.  In addition to the meetings, I am writing the Year End reports for the students, which will be made available to you later in the summer. I have kept the students’ Morning Lesson Books, as they inform my report-writing, but I would like to make them available for you to pick up before too long. I envision having a potluck at a park somewhere, where we can celebrate the 5th graders’ accomplishments, hand back the books, and where I can hopefully get some feedback from you all while the children run and play. I would love to know what went well this year, from your perspective as a parent/guardian, what was challenging, and how I can better serve you and your 6th grader in the future. Please complete this poll to let me know what date(s) you are available. Also, I am open to suggestions for where we meet. If there’s a park you love, or if you would like to host us at your home, please let me know!


As we end another school year together, I find myself in awe of the great strides your 5th graders have made this year. I hope that these rising 6th graders are enjoying their summer vacations! I am heading to New Hampshire on Saturday to begin my week-long training for the 6th grade! After that, my family will go to the Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio to meet up with my sister and mom for the 4th of July week. Have a safe, restful, and enjoyable summer!