Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Community Loans for the Montefiore Building

Thank you for your invaluable support and openness to making a loan that will take us into a permanent home.  In 2013, we asked our families for loans to cover the costs of moving into and renovating our current building.  They responded generously, and we secured $400,000 in community loans.  Those loans were paid off over the course three years.  Now, we have an opportunity to purchase our own building that is already perfectly-suited to our needs, but we need your help to do so.  The terms of the loan would be as follows:

  • Urban Prairie will issue notes in minimum $10,000 increments (1 “unit”) and will issue as many units as needed to complete the $400,000 financing requirement of 35% down on our bank loan.
  • The notes will clearly stipulate all terms of the agreement.
  • Notes will offer a 5% fixed interest rate and will be paid back over a 5-year term. The 5- Year term and 5% is being dictated by our primary lending bank.
  • The loan payments will be made bi-annually (every 6 months) from the date the loan is requested.  For example if the loan is given in September, payment dates will be the 15th of March and September from March 2018 – September  2022.
  • To receive exemption from SEC Reg D regulations, notes will be offered only to “Accredited Investors” as defined by the SEC.  The requirements for “Accredited Investors” can be provided in more detail upon inquiry.
  • This investment does not provide any special privileges or special treatment of any kind (e.g. discounted tuition, a seat on the Board, etc). The loan is completely separate from all governance aspects of the school.

We look forward to hearing from community members interested in investing in the school’s future. Any inquiries regarding the above opportunity can be directed to Peggy Lofgren, Director of Operations and Finance at peggy.lofgren@urbanprairie.org or call 773-426-8087.