Urban Prairie Waldorf School
"All understanding
begins with wonder."

Employment Opportunities

We are currently seeking to fill the following positions:

Aftercare Teacher
Urban Prairie seeks an aftercare teachers for grades Early Childhood – 7th grade. The teacher will be expected to:
  • gather students from each classroom after dismissal;
  • escort students outside;
  • monitor and encourage positive play outside;
  • lead games or activities; and
  • bring students inside for a school-provided snack and indoor playtime.
  • Assist at reception desk and greet parents.
We are looking for an individual who possesses the following skills:
  • Prior experience working with elementary-aged children;
  • Effective communication with parents
  • Planning structured, grade appropriate outdoor/ indoor activities
  • Working as a team with other UPWS aftercare teachers
  • Discipling/redirecting children into positive play and behavior
  • Keeping all children in a calm and content state of mind
  • Timeliness

We are looking for a charismatic, self-starting individual for this role. The position is paid $15/hour. The position is available for immediate hire.

If interested, please send your resume and letter of interest via email to:Administration@urbanpriaire.org

Substitute Teachers (General)

Urban Prairie Waldorf School is expanding our full-day substitute teacher list. We invite experienced teachers, advanced M.Ed. students, and Waldorf teacher training students to apply for this wonderful opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a Waldorf classroom. We will hold an observation and training day in early March to familiarize substitute teachers with Waldorf methods. Lesson and classroom guidelines will be provided for each grade.

To join the list, please send a note of introduction and a summary of your qualifications here ».