Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Jump, Knit and Learn: How Movement in the Classroom Affects the Brain

Have you ever wondered why movement and working with the hands are essential parts of Urban Prairie and City Garden’s curriculum?  Research demonstrates that gross and fine motor movement are intrinsically linked to our capacity for neuroplasticity.  According to the American Academy of Neurology, the hand-to-brain relationship is so strong that hand stimulation can be used to therapeutically improve brain function.  The self-regulation abilities fostered through handwork and the practical arts- including the ability to alternately shift and focus attention and to inhibit impulsive responding – are uniquely related to early academic success and are now considered more important in early academic progress than measures of intelligence.


Join us Monday, May 20, at 7pm (at our new location, 1220 W. Lexington) to hear artist, educator and entrepreneur Aonghus Gordon explore how morning lesson and special subject work affect your child’s brain development and future success.  We welcome all adults to this event.  Please RSVP to Bev McClellan (bevmcclellan@gmail.com).