Urban Prairie Waldorf School

UPWS Standards for Mathematical Instruction

The document linked to below outlines Urban Prairie’s research into mathematics as it lives and thrives at our school. As with any living entity, this document will transform and adapt to best meet its purpose: To serve as a tool for the faculty to call forth a comprehensive, profound, living, and elegant relationship to mathematics in our students. Secondarily, we aim for these milestones to serve the greater educational community (both Waldorf and beyond) as a healthy, conscious, functional, and realizable model for the mathematics curriculum in the early and middle grades. This document sets forth various milestones for the children in each grade. While it is necessary for the content descriptions to be covered, teachers may use their professional judgment concerning the needs of their grade and the children in front of them. Content may be recombined or reallocated into different lessons, contexts, or time frames. In this way we ensure the freedom of the teachers and enable them to work with their children in the most efficient and appropriate way.

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