Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Parent Council Structure

Nominations are collected in April with a vote to follow in May of each year.  Officers serve for one year.

Co-Chairs: Briana Villarrubia, Alison Welch

Leadership Committee: Co-Chairs, Bookkeeper and Scribe

The Leadership Committee meets regularly to set agendas and goals and to discuss upcoming Parent Council meetings. It communicates with administration and faculty regarding school events, updates the parent section of the school webpage, monitors any parent led fundraisers, and supports the parent-led committees listed below.

Class Delegates

There is a minimum of one parent delegate from every class. Class Delegates serve the Parent Council and reach out to individuals within their classrooms for help as needed in Parent Council related activities. Responsibilities include reporting back to classroom parents any volunteer needs from committees and events as well as to share parent council meeting outcomes.

Current class delegates are as follows: 1st Grade – Heidi Jacobson, 2nd Grade – Tara Nemeth, 3rd Grade – TBD (Charles Blair), 4th Grade – Jennifer Mayfield, 5th Grade – Megan Sindelar, 6th Grade – Danila Miranda, 7th Grade – TBD, 8th Grade – Margy Crary


Many parent bring talents to the community that can be utilized in the curriculum, events or for community building. The following committees have grown from parent interest and aptitude:

  • Community Building
  • Food Team
  • Fundraising
  • Green Team
  • Historian
  • Library
  • Makers’ Guild
  • Nature and Wellness
  • Yearbook 


Throughout the year, Parent Council hosts, in conjunction with Development, several community events and fundraisers to support the Festival life as well as Parent Education and the Annual Fund.

  • T-Shirt Sales 
  • Pumpkin Sales
  • Chili Cook-Off
  • Wreath Sale
  • Holiday Fair
  • Jumpathon
  • Coffee & Tea Sale
  • Tea Collection Sale

Parents may consult Parent Council Structure, Roles, and Responsibilities as needed.

Please contact parent.council@urbanprairie.org with questions or suggestions.