Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Miss Peterson's Class
Weekly Update - November 28, 2016

The Hebrew Stories block began today with the tale of Jacob and Esau.  The class will continue to hear stories about Jacob throughout the week.  The cooler weather is the perfect time to hear some long stories which they enjoyed today.  This week the stories will be a platform to talk about nouns or naming words.  Each week this month will bring a different part of speech.  Though it is Advent time, the third grade will focus more on Hanukkah.  They will learn the game dreidel to teach to others at Yuletide fest as well as some traditional Hebrew songs.

We will put the finishing touches on putting the garden to sleep this week.  Work gloves may be a good idea for Wednesday.  We have some lonely turnips to harvest.  I had hoped they would be ready for Martinmas to carve.  However, you cannot force vegetables and it is never a bad time to do some practical arts.  Speaking of practical arts, you hopefully saw and enjoyed the straw heart or wool animal that your child made for Thanksgiving.  Thisturnip-lantern was challenging for them but the success they felt once they finished was exactly what I was looking for.  The physical act of working through a difficult project is a perfect reflection of their inner experience as a third grader.  I anticipate turnip carving having a similar effect and look forward to more projects like this to come.

Upcoming Events

Yuletide Fest- Saturday, December 10th at City Garden.

Holiday Break- Thursday, December 22nd- Friday, January 6th.  School Resumes on January 9th.