Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Miss Peterson's Class
Weekly Update - December 14, 2015

Please join the second grade tomorrow for Santa Lucia!  We will begin promptly at 8:30.  It is a very brief sharing about Santa Lucia so please plan to be there a few minutes early so as not to miss it!  Please also try your hardest to have your children there on time tomorrow.  There are tardy children in the class every day and it makes it difficult for the whole class to start on time.  Please be sure they are in the classroom no later than 8:10 tomorrow so that they are able to participate.  The Shrine is absolutely stunning inside and the hearing the children sing in it is sure to be a highlight of the holiday season!  The second graders will pass out buns during snack and it is not necessary for parents to be present for this portion of the day.

We are wrapping up our seasons and calendar block this week by finishing some special projects from the block, continuing cursive writing practice, and using manipulatives to add large numbers together.  They will also have a “homework question.”  On Tuesday I will ask them to ask you what day of they week they were born on.  If you don’t remember it is ok, but just be aware that they will likely ask you tomorrow.  After break we will continue the study of multiplication tables and place value.  Carrying numbers to the next place will be introduced.

They are very excited about absolutely everything right now, which is understandable being that it is nearly holiday break.  In an effort to help meet their excitement, we are working on art projects, seeing the 6/7th grade marionette play on Friday, and will have a special 2nd grade holiday caroling party complete with mint tea on Friday afternoon.  It is so easy for all of us to get swept away with the holidays, traveling, parties, and so on that happen this time of year.  In invite you to work to keep a similar rhythm with your child that you have while school is in session.  Their bodies and moods will thank you for it and it will make the transition back to school in January much smoother.

A very peaceful way to celebrate is by coming to the Advent Spiral this Wednesday, December 16th at 5:30 pm.  Come walk the spiral and reflect on the year and celebrate your inner light.  Urban Prairie students will walk the spiral during the day and are invited to watch in the evening.Have a fantastic break and holiday everyone.  Thank you for a joyful first half of the school year!