Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Miss Peterson's Class
Weekly Update - April 30, 2017
Morning Lesson

We finish our math block this week by hearing more stories of Captain Felix Fisher.  After spending a couple of weeks practicing the entire process of vertical multiplication, they are ready for the shortcuts we often use as adults.  Though the shortcut is, well, shorter, it it very important that they have the sense of the numbers they are using and how the whole process works.  They will have some exposure to double digit multiplication this week which we will continue to practice for the rest of the year in math class.

Gardening is under way!  This week we will plant some things for Ms. Avellone’s class to enjoy next fall.
Gardening 430-2

Seed Fundraiser

Though I spoke this at the meeting on Wednesday, I am so proud that I am putting it in writing as well.  The class earned approximately $1000 more than was needed to pay for our field trip to the farm.  They voted on 2 organizations to donate that extra Seed money to.  They chose Defenders of Wildlife, which protects endangered species, and Mercy Home, which is a home in Chicago for children that need one.  They were extremely excited about making these donations.  They easily could have said, “a pizza party” when asked what we should use the money for.  We all have something to learn from their joy in giving.

3rd Grade End of the Year Party
The class and I (and hopefully you!) would like to have a party at the end of the school year to celebrate our time together and have one last hurrah with me as the teacher and before some of our third grade friends depart.  I would like to have a bonfire somewhere.  Some of my favorite memories of this class are sitting around a fire on the camping trips, eating food, singing songs, and sharing stories.  I could use some of your bright minds to help me plan.  If anyone is interested please send me an email.
Upcoming Events

Grandparent’s and Special Friend’s Day- Friday, May 5th.

Choral Concert- Friday, May 5th at 6:00 in the Shrine.  Children should arrive at 5:15 and meet in the hall downstairs.  Please see Mr. Garcia’s email for more details.

Mayfaire- Saturday, May 13th.  Come enjoy our final festival of the year!  Look for more details to come.  See Mr. Garcia’s email about the Orchestra concert on this day.  Students should arrive in the hall at 10:00am.  The concert begins at 10:30 in the hall.  Our first performance!

Field Trip to Kline Creek Farm- Monday, May 22nd.  The bus leaves right after we say our morning verse.  We will return at approximately 2:45.  You may pick up at that time if you prefer.  Please send a snack and lunch that day as we will have a picnic at the farm.
No School on Friday, May 26th and Monday, May 29th.