Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Rotko's Class
Weekly Update - March 26, 2017

Hello All!


Thank you so much for such a successful two days of conferences.  Please let me know if you would like to follow up in anyway after the conferences.  If you need to extend our conversation, please let me know if you would like to stop by during office hours: Mondays 3:40 – 5:40.  I have attached a chore chart by age that I thought some might be interested in seeing after our discussions in the conferences.


This past week we started our subtraction with Farmer Jane and her cows.  The students were very excited to be working with the numbers and subtraction.  Next week we will start multiplication, and the following week with be division.  This will take us all the way into spring break!


We finished our three week floor games block with Ms. Choma.  The class made her some very beautiful thank you cards.  Ms. Choma and I were both very impressed with the strength gained by each member in the class over such a short amount of time.  We will miss our mornings with her greatly.


Mr. Garcia will be performing with other professional musicians in the shrine next door on Friday March 31st.  All are welcome for this free concert.  Here is what Mr. Garcia wanted everyone to know:


“UPWS Chamber Music Concert

Friday, March 31

7:00 pm

Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii

Free – all are welcome


Join us for a music concert in the Shrine! “Chamber music” refers to any music performed by a small ensemble.  This free concert will feature members of the UPWS Music Faculty as well as local professional musicians and guest artists.  Students and parents are invited to come and enjoy the concert as audience members.  It is being presented as  a gift for the entire Urban Prairie community.  We will perform fun and interesting selections from a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, pop, and tango.  All students and parents are welcome.  If younger students need to leave early, there will be a brief intermission in the middle.  We look forward to seeing you there!”


This concert is the same day as the 4th grade play!  We will not be taking the first grade to the play during the week due to the violent themes often found in the Norse Mythology.  We want to leave the viewing up to a family by family decision.  The play begins in the hall at 6 pm.


Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day will be on Friday, May 5th.  We will be welcoming visitors beginning at 1:45 pm.  They will be listening to guest speakers and having coffee and treats until 2:15 pm.  From there the guests will visit classrooms until 3 pm.  At 6 pm, grades 3 through 8 will perform a choral concert in the Shrine.  In the coming week, we will be addressing and sending the invitations.  Please send your child to school with an address for a grandparent or special friend.  You can email me the address if you would rather.


Warmly, Ms. Johns

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