Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Ms. Rotko's Class
Weekly Update - February 17, 2018

Dear Second Grade Families,


Morning Lesson:

Floor games has been great experience for the class! So far, the class reviewed seal, crawling races, and eagle. Ms. Choma introduced bear, funny fish, silly seals, and rocking boats. The second grade takes this work very seriously and use a blue whisper or violet silent for this part of class.


We introduced a magic spelling square game using the soup sounds and large puzzle pieces to spell words with the same vowels.


After floor games, our morning routine continues with the children saying their alliteration sentences to the class, playing the flute, doing speech work with winter rhyming poems, singing, and reviewing our morning math problems. We then write in our language arts books and finish each morning lesson with more of “The King of Ireland’s Son”.


On Friday afternoon, we cleaned the classroom and hallway to prep for the break. A lot of things went home for the break such as gear, things from their cubby and desk, beeswax, and paintings that we have done this year so far.


A note for break: The second grader likes to test the boundaries of what they can and cannot do. We suggest that students have house rules, chores, and responsibilities they are in charge of. They are proud to have their own jobs (even if they complain)! It helps us instill what we are trying to teach them at school and aids in classroom discipline. It’s a foundation for their executive functioning. We know that it is week break, but the students benefit from as much routine as possible.


Special Subjects:

*Mandarin- We announced the play this week! Students acted out individual parts with simple costumes, and we prepared for the Chinese New Year assembly. During the assembly, we played the flute and sang “Candle in my Lantern” in Mandarin. We also wore rooster hats that we made and said a rooster verse to say goodbye to the year of the rooster and hello to the year of the dog. We drew a page about this in our festivals book.

*Spanish- We made Valentines in Spanish and heard a story about caring for one another.

*Form Drawing- Each morning, the students walk the form to enter the classroom. Slate work continues and students drew the forms using their toes and stick crayons. It was a  very challenging activity for the students.

*Acorn- Students had an extra long recess in Arrigo Park with the sun shining, and the snow just right for making giant snowballs. We made 11 total and a fort.

*Handwork- We continued to knit our gnome friends.

*Eurythmy- The class had a productive Eurythmy class with lots of copper rod work and circle activities.

*Language Arts- We used soup sound flash cards to create various words in groups and wrote group sentences on the board. This was a very fun activity for the second grade. Each group came up with over 20 words, and their own team name.

*Chorus- Mr. Garcia came in for a visit and introduced an Irish verse from “The King of Ireland’s Son” made into a song. We sang it and heard it played on the violin.


When we return:

We will continue telling the story of “The King of Ireland’s Son”. The students are hanging on every word of the story and cannot wait for it to continue. We will also visit more fables when we return from break.


We will keep working on spelling soup sound words, writing sentences using our three punctuation marks, and reading the sentences from our writing and on the board.


Our magic square game will evolve to spell harder words and make rhymes and phrases.


Upcoming Events:

Mid-Winter Break- February 19-23


Field Trip! Maple syrup tapping at North Park Nature Center. Wednesday March 1st. 8:30-2:00. Sack lunch and appropriate gear!


2nd Grade Play- Wednesday, March 7th


Parent Teacher Conferences- March 15th and 16th – sign up genius to come soon


Parent Ed Night:

UP is showing the film “Nature Play” on March 3rd.



Have a wonderful and restful break!


Ms. Ingold and Ms. Johns