Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Use the extraordinary power of less to raise calmer, happier, and more secure kids!


Our Simplicity Parenting Workshop offers:

• a 4-week group experience

• an effective blend of  learning, discussion, and integration of new ideas

• a small group setting of 4-12 parents

• a community setting to support one another in the shared endeavor of raising children

• work based on the writings of best-selling author Kim John Payne

• workshop leaders trained and certified by the Simplicity Parenting Organization


Why simplify?

Parents who take steps along this pathway to simplify their homes and their schedules, to introduce more predictable rhythms, and to filter out concerns which children are not yet able to cope with find that their children:

• are calmer and happier;

• are more socially and emotionally healthy;

• are more focused at school;

• find it easier to comply with family rules.