Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Urban Prairie sets aside approximately 13% of our total budget for tuition adjustment.  This allows us to adjust the tuition level for families who demonstrate financial need.  In general, in order to meet the needs of as many families as possible, we are not able to offer more than approximately 30% off the tuition cost per student.  We contract with a 3rd party company, TADS, to manage admissions and tuition adjustment applications.  Our programming and salary budgets are directly affected by this adjustment of our tuition to meet the needs of our families.  Thus, the funds the school provides are not intended to subsidize discretionary lifestyle choices.  While assessing true need is always a challenge, TADS assesses applicants’ tax forms and other documents.  Out of this spirit of brotherhood, we expect that all families are fair and honest in their reporting.

To apply, please visit www.tads.com. Tuition adjustment applications must be filed within two weeks of filing an application for admission. Tuition adjustment applications for returning students are due by January 31 of each year.  Applications filed after the deadlines will be only be considered if tuition adjustment money remains in the budget after the initial distribution.  All tuition adjustment applications are kept strictly confidential and will be viewed only by TADS, our tuition management company, and our Tuition Adjustment Committee.