Urban Prairie Waldorf School
"Nobody is bored when he is trying
to make something that is
beautiful, or to discover something
that is true."
William Inge
Nobel Laureate

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How can you help Urban Prairie meet our goal of offering the highest quality Waldorf education to our growing enrollment?

In creating a new school, our mission sets forth two ideals: to bring high quality Waldorf education to the vibrant urban environment south of the Chicago Loop and to serve as many interested families as possible. Tuition alone will not cover the cost of achieving these goals. Your gifts enable our school to set a reasonable tuition, hire dedicated teachers, create beautiful classrooms where an integrated curriculum will unfold, and fulfill our mission to set our students on the path to grow into free-thinking, caring adults who can make meaningful contributions to society. Every gift is met with gratitude and appreciation.

In this spirit we ask for your support: