Our School

What we do.
How we do it.
Why we do it.

     What we do

Urban Prairie is an independent Waldorf school located in Chicago. We have programs for families with infants up through students in 8th grade.

Toddler Playgroup in the Wild
Our programming starts with the Toddler Playgroups in the Wild for caregivers and their young children (ages 0-4).

Early Childhood
For students age  3 – 6 which offers a warm and loving environment where children engage their hands in meaningful work—from baking to building projects. Children fuel their imaginations with magical stories and creative free play.

Grades 1-8
Our grade school curriculum includes math, science, and language arts seamlessly interwoven with music, movement, and art. Our students also study Spanish and Chinese, practical arts (ex/woodworking, knitting, sewing), and creative movement (circus arts and eurythmy). Recess is a regular part of our day for all grades.

Urban Prairie is a not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status and a developing member in the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.

      How we do it

All Waldorf schools have principles and practices held commonly among them and are also free to implement the education to best serve the students before them.

Urban Prairie Waldorf School educates children by awakening a love of learning, encouraging reverence and wonder in the world, and nurturing the capacity to impart purpose and direction in their lives. Our curriculum is developmentally engaging, meets the here and now, and prepares our students for an ever-changing future.

We do this through story telling, songs, nature experiences, and habit building in the early years. In the older grades we teach through direct experiences including excursions throughout the city and learning through doing. From infancy to middle school art and movement are incorporated into every lesson bringing depth and beauty to learning.

      Why we do it

Now, more than ever, we must provide children the capacities to think freely, feel compassion, and find purpose in their actions. In this age of information, misinformation, uncertainty, and division we are tasked with giving children the space, time, and tools to develop fully into themselves. We do this through protecting their childhood, showing them the good in the world, and providing firm loving support along their journey.