Environmental Sustainability

Creating Impact, Step by Step

 Urban Prairie is actively engaged in addressing climate change both in our operations / facility and in our curriculum. Recent accomplishments include: 

  • Presenting our 2021 Illinois Green School Project: https://illinoisgreenalliance.org/urban-prairie-waldorf-school/
  • Receiving a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Foundation  https://www.illinoiscleanenergy.org
  • Cultivating a number of gardens on our school property: Butterfly Oasis and Monarch Way Station, hugelkultur bed, vegetable gardens, and an herb spiral
  • Adopting a community garden in North Lawndale for Middle School Friday Expeditions
  • Installing 3 roof top solar panels that can be tracked at https://enlighten.enphaseenergy.com/pv/public_systems/xMEh2437560/overview
  • Generating 89.97 kWh to date on our newly installed panels, equivalent to generating enough electricity for one classroom each day
  • Holding our Solar-Bration during the Fall 2021 Festival of Courage
  • Being named an Illinois 2019-20 finalist for the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Program. 

Environmental Guiding Principles. UPWS is committed to responsible environmental management and pedagogy throughout our organization. UPWS will operate in a manner that is demonstrably protective of the health of our community, our planet, and its living organisms. In efforts to respect and protect the earth’s resources, to minimize environmental harm, and to serve as a model for our communities, UPWS will:  

  • Continually seek new and innovative ways to improve environmentally through conservation, waste reduction, and partnering with community members.
  • Apply sustainability concepts to achieve optimal environmental, social, and financial health.
  • Manage, minimize, and eliminate, whenever possible, the use of harmful materials.
  • Use renewable resources and conserve non-renewable resources through efficient utilization and planning.
  • Minimize the generation of waste through reduction, reuse, and recycling programs
  • Conserve and improve the efficiency of energy, utilities, and water usage, and make efforts to use and promote safe, cost-effective, sustainable energy sources.
  • Ensure our community’s health and safety by reducing exposure, using safer technologies, healthier food, and water
  • Provide environmental sustainability education and resources to our school community to support our principles.
  • Develop and enforce policies to support our environmental principles as necessary.