High School Readiness

High School Readiness

An Urban Prairie education provides the depth of academic, artistic, and self-knowledge that enables graduating students to attend the high school of their choice. Rather than skimming over new material every year to prepare for the battery of standardized tests faced by public school students, our teachers provide deep learning experiences that resonate and stay with our students for the long term. Studies have shown that this Depth over Breadth method of presenting curriculum is not only a more effective way to learn, but also equates to greater success in college.


Although our students do not receive traditional report cards, 7th grade transcripts are always available upon request.

Standardized Testing

A 7th grade standardized test score (Chicago Public Schools requires an NWA MAP score) is often required for high school admissions applications. Urban Prairie currently partners with Test Prep Chicago to offer an information session for parents about any standardized tests that may be required for high school. Students may also sign up for an afterschool test prep course offered by Test Prep Chicago at Urban Prairie.

Urban Prairie Graduates

Since our first class graduated in 2017, all of our Alumni have received admittance to and attended their choice of schools. Urban Prairie graduates have a strong sense of self, know their strengths and weaknesses, and have a strong capacity to advocate for themselves. Their Urban Prairie experience developed the skills they needed to find success at the following schools.

  • Chicago High School for the Arts (audition required)
  • Chicago Waldorf School
  • DeLaSalle High School
  • Global Citizens Academy
  • Jones College Prep (selective enrollment)
  • Lane Tech College Prep (selective enrollment)
  • Lincoln Park High School – Honors & Arts Program (audition required)
  • Rita High School
  • Trinity High School
  • Whitney M. Young Magnet High School (selective enrollment)

High School Testing

Urban Prairie begins optional standardized testing in 6th grade. As a testament to our education, we are proud to report that our student’s scores on the Chicago Public School (CPS) administered tests are in the following ranges.

 NWEA MAP Test Results

  • Reading: 78 – 99th Percentile
  • Math: 80 – 98th Percentile

Selective Enrollment Chicago Public Schools Results

  • Core Score: 77 – 99th Percentile

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