Life at UPWS

The community is a key part of the Urban Prairie experience. You are joining an active community that supports one another and the school itself. 

Community Connections is an organization of parents, guardians, and family members that coordinate volunteer opportunities and classroom assistance. These efforts support the school’s administration, community building and parent education, and foster communication among families and the school’s governing bodies, including the Board of Trustees, faculty, and administration. 

Interested in getting more involved in the life of the school?  The Community Connection has a wide range of opportunities!

Contact Community Connections Today!

Whether you are a parent, guardian, caregiver, or friend of the school, we could use your helping hands and heart! Contact community connections to see how you can get involved.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Claim Your Lost Items!

Please follow this link to view a slideshow inventory of our Lost and Found items.

To claim your item, please email and include the item name(s). We will donate any leftover items following the winter break.

Latest News & Updates

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