Festivals & Events

Cultures throughout history have engaged in rituals that reflect the rhythms of nature or mark significant transitions for individuals or groups. In Waldorf schools around the world, rhythm – daily, weekly, yearly – permeates school life.  The purpose of the school’s “festival life” is to nourish the soul of the individual and bring the community together.  Some of our festivals are small events — the teacher and their class alone.  Others are for our school family, while others still are meant to include our broader community and neighbors.

As we celebrate the passage of the seasons through art, music and story, we deepen our connection to the working rhythms of nature.  Waldorf schools, being a product of Western Europe in the beginning of the 20th century, have typically followed the traditional festivals of Western, Christian culture.  Urban Prairie has worked to reenvision and renew the festival traditions to honor the diversity of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds of the families in our school.

Festivals of Harvest and Light

Opening Ceremony

Festival of Courage

Día de los Muertos

Festival of Thanks

Festival of Light

Winter Spiral

Festivals of Renewal



Festival of Compassion

Chinese New Year

Festival of Renewal

Grandparents’ &

Friends’ Day

May Faire

Closing Ceremony