Urban Prairie Summer Camp

2022 In-Person Early Childhood Summer Camp at Urban Prairie

Early Childhood Summer Camp 6/21 – 7/15  

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Children will experience the beautiful rhythms of the Early Childhood classroom with singing, crafting, cooking, storytelling PLUS quality indoor and outdoor Waldorf free play. Space is limited, so if you are interested, please sign up now!

Week-Long Session from June 21st through July 15th (No Camp the week of July 5th-8th)     

Open to potty-trained children ages 3 through 6 years old.                                                                           

Half-Day 8:00-12:00 pm – $400 per week                                       Full-Day 8:00-3:00 pm – $500 per week

Young Child uses chisel to work on wood working project while at camp.

UPWS Allergy Policy

The following food items are not permitted school-wide so that we can minimize the risk of life-threatening allergic reactions:

1) Peanuts in any form including oil and flour forms.
2) Tree nuts, in any form. (Includes almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, macadamia, pralines, pesto, nut butters, marzipan, gianduja, Nutella)

Other food restrictions may be added as needed based on students’ allergies.