This Saturday is Party-time!

Have you seen the new building yet?  Buy your tickets, take a tour, and celebrate with us this Saturday, February 10!  Now is the time to dream into this new space.  Your generous donations made this purchase and phase 1 renovations possible–including painting and basic repair work.  Phase 2 renovations will include more substantial efforts like enlarging classrooms for our very movement-oriented grade school classes, building out specialty classrooms (like eurythmy and orchestra), and additional work on the outdoor space.

Phase 2 Pledge Drive x

Interested in seeing this work start sooner?  There will be an opportunity at the dance to pledge money towards the areas you would like to see move along more quickly.

Inside the Building

Space Planning

We have been the very lucky recipients of some amazing pro bono work by an architect and a designer at Gensler Architecture Firm.  They are helping us through the initial phases of space planning that are necessary before any substantial work is done.  After mapping out the building and assessing the sizes, quantity, and types of rooms we would need, they provided us with the fun “toy” you see in this picture.  We moved around the different pieces until we found just the right space for each one!  While room demolition and combination is currently only planned for phase 2, it is vital to have the long term plan firmly in place now.

What comes next?

With the long-term space assignments made, the New Building Task Force will jump back into action making the ideal punch-list for each space.  If you’re interested in participating in that effort, please contact Sharla Stewart.

Early Childhood Classroom

Thanks to some late night and weekend efforts by Ed Sindelar, Adam Koch, and Mat Riendeau, the space looks beautiful.  Plan to stop in on Saturday night to see how beautiful these classrooms can be!  There, you’ll see new acoustic ceiling tiles, new light fixtures, new baseboards and trim, a beautiful lazure job, and much more.

Outdoor Space

Landscape Architect

Thank you for all your recommendations.  We are working to find the perfect Landscape Architect for this project.  We have more meetings coming up next week and hope to find a good fit very soon.  This person will help us to pull together all the ideas about the outdoor space, advise us on what is feasible, help us plan out the phases of work and any necessary permits.  I’ll update you once we have this person/firm in place.

On Saturday, be sure to take a look at Ms. Leidy’s beautiful rendering of the outdoor team’s ideas.