The Assad-Deyrell family’s chickens consume 15 gallons of UPWS food scraps that otherwise would have landed in a landfill

Richly woven throughout our curriculum is a deep love and reverence for Mother Nature, a rich habit life of taking care of the place where we learn, and the seeds for the next generation of environmental stewardship. Please take a moment to look around and notice small changes around the school and at school-sponsored events this year. Beginning with October’s Chili Extravaganza, Urban Prairie has made it our goal to be 100% sustainable and zero-waste at school events. Among many efforts being coordinated by the UPWS Green team, this means real glassware, metal silverware, and porcelain dishware. This means cloth napkins, composting food scraps and paper, and recycling packaging materials. This means requiring three times as many volunteers to collect, wash, dry, and schlep dishes. This means setting up and operating the composting/food scraps/recycle/reuse areas. A few exciting things yet to come: building a three-bin outdoor compost system; student-managed and parent-supported recycling and worm composting throughout the school; weekly simple environmental action challenges for every student and family to participate in. As our families enjoy outside time together, we encourage you to look around and see the world through a child’s eyes, to feel gratitude for the abundance we have, and to see this planet as an important part of the investments we are making for their future inheritance. And in this time of thankfulness, we thank everyone for the amazing enthusiasm, support, and dedication that has been brought forward during these exciting times of discussion, planning, and action.