Urban Prairie Waldorf School
"The important thing is not so
much that every child should be
taught, as that every child should
be given the way to learn."
John Lubbock

For Parents

Parent involvement

As parents of students at Urban Prairie, you have the opportunity to grow with your children in a unique educational environment. Parent participation is an essential and integral part of your children’s educational experience and serves to unify families and create a strong sense of community. Urban Prairie welcomes parent to participate in a wide range of ways such as: serving on a Board committee, volunteering to be a Room Parent, helping your child’s class teacher or specialty teachers, participating in fundraising events or festivals or helping in the school office.

Waldorf resources

Waldorf education is the fastest growing non-sectartian educational movement in the World. The pedagogy was first put into practice ninety years ago. Even with the long history Waldorf remains one of the best kept educational secrets in the United States. As a parent of a Waldorf student you will often be asked about the pedagogy, the school and the curriculum. We have compiled some wonderful resources for parents to learn more about the education as well as to share with others who are interested in your child’s education.

Online resources are available on our resources page. Our FAQ page has answers to some questions specific to our school as well as more general questions.

There are many good books available on Waldorf education and Rudolf Steiner. We have chosen a few of our favorites to list here:

  • Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out. Jack Petrash. Beltsville, MD: Gryphon House, 2002.
  • Waldorf Education: A Family Guide. Edited by Pamela J. Fenner. Amesbury, MA: Michaelmas Press, 1999.
  • School As a Journey: The Eight-Year Odyssey of a Waldorf Teacher and His Class. Torin M. Finser. Great Barrington, MA: Steiner Books, 1995.
  • Rhythms of Learning : What Waldorf Education Offers Children, Parents & Teachers. Roberto Trostli.Great Barrington, MA: Steiner Books, 1998.
  • Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit DisorderRichard Louv. Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin Books, 2008.