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Welcome to the parent/guardian portal and parent/guardian resources page. We strongly believe that clear and regular communication between parents/guardians, faculty, and staff is important to support children, families and the school. This page is where you will find access links to resources like your children’s schedules, health forms, and the school calendar, as well as internal parent/guardian communications like our regular admin newsletter and class specific class note’s from you children’s class teacher.


Claim Your Student’s Lost Items!


Please follow this link to view a slideshow inventory of our Lost and Found items.

To claim your item, please email dani.ruiz@urbanprairie.org and include the item name(s).

Any leftover items will be donated following the winter break.


Admin Newsletter

Updates from our school administration on what is happening on campus.

Admin Weekly 10/13/2022

Week 6 7th grade and our youngest students enjoy a work day in the EC play yard. / Grade 7 Navigators' final projects Dear Urban Prairie Families, Waldorf schools love rhythm, and not only in orchestra class. Every day has a rhythm, as does every week, every season,...

Admin Weekly 9/29/2022

Week 4 Prairie Roots adventures in painting, bread making, and outdoor free play Dear Urban Prairie Families, Okay, I’m in. Just signed up to bake a pie. Can you beat me? Go ahead and try.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone THIS Saturday, Oct 1, at our Festival...

Admin Weekly 1/25/2022

Week 18 “Martin Luther King Jr.” UPWS Class of 2022 Dear Urban Prairie families, In this Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekly newsletter, we encourage the community to join the faculty and staff in reflecting on the Waldorf principle of Social Renewal and our shared...

1st Grade Classroom 

Updates from Mat Riendeau, Class of 2029 – 1st grade teacher.

Geography In Lower School

Geography In Lower School

Geography in grades one, two, three, and four begins close to the child. It acquaints the child with home surroundings, proceeds to local geography, and by the end of grade four, expands to include the geography of the whole region, whether it be a state or a unified micro-region.         

Thoughts on School Lunches

Thoughts on School Lunches

Written by Mat Riendeau - Urban Prairie Waldorf School teacher There’s been a request to talk a bit about school snacks and lunches. As a parent, I know that getting those bags packed up and ready to go in the morning can be a bit of a stressor, especially when we...