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Welcome to the parent/guardian portal and parent/guardian resources page. We strongly believe that clear and regular communication between parents/guardians, faculty, and staff is important to support children, families and the school. This page is where you will find access links to resources like your children’s schedules, health forms, and the school calendar, as well as internal parent/guardian communications like our regular admin newsletter and class specific class note’s from you children’s class teacher.


Claim Your Student’s Lost Items!


Please follow this link to view a slideshow inventory of our Lost and Found items.

To claim your item, please email dani.ruiz@urbanprairie.org and include the item name(s).

Any leftover items will be donated following the winter break.


Admin Newsletter

Updates from our school administration on what is happening on campus.

Admin Weekly 1/12/2022

Week 17 Q: How do you keep the Canadian bacon from curling in the frying pan? A: Take away its little broom. –Mr. Riendeau, grade 1 teacher Dear Urban Prairie families, It’s been too long since we’ve all had the pleasure of hearing one of Mr. Riendeau’s jokes. Seems...

Admin Weekly 1/5/2022

Week 16 What is the root of all these words? One thing: Love. —Hafiz Happy New Year, Urban Prairie families. What a blustery good circle the grade school had this morning out on the playlot, singing over the wind to a birthday friend and three good rounds of our...

Admin Weekly 12/16/2021

Week 15 To carry Spirit Light into world-winter-night…. —Rudolf Steiner Season’s Greetings Urban Prairie Families. How ready the entire world is for a break right now. As our community disperses tomorrow and we enter into the very darkest nights of the year, I am...

1st Grade Classroom 

Updates from Mat Riendeau, Class of 2029 – 1st grade teacher.

Thoughts on School Lunches

Thoughts on School Lunches

Written by Mat Riendeau - Urban Prairie Waldorf School teacher There’s been a request to talk a bit about school snacks and lunches. As a parent, I know that getting those bags packed up and ready to go in the morning can be a bit of a stressor, especially when we...

Teachable Moments and More

Teachable Moments and More

Written by Mat Riendeau – Urban Prairie Waldorf School teacher A few parents have asked for suggestions around ways to reinforce the learning that is happening at school. An excellent request, so I thought that I’d answer here in the larger forum so in case anyone...

Why Waldorf?

Why Waldorf?

Written by Mat Riendeau - Urban Prairie Waldorf School teacher I had mentioned at our Meet the Teacher event that I consider it my responsibility to help you articulate as clearly as possible what an Urban Prairie Waldorf education is and why you chose it for your...