Urban Prairie Waldorf School

Money and Math Block Plan (1/25/15)

Block 6. Practical Arts and Mathematics. Double Digit Multiplication, Money, Long Division 

Monday, January 26 – Friday, February 13. 15 Days.

The study of money and monetary computations will be brought before two important procedural concepts: double digit multiplication and long division. Both of these processes will rely on the foundational work of the first two grades and provide a stepping stone into the true mastery of simple arithmetic. Both multiplication and division will be brought first through image, story, and movement and then internalized through practice and application. The students will also be studying money and monetary systems through history. They will gain the practical skills of counting a money and converting between dollars and cents. Simple financial planning will be touched upon as well.

Language Arts Skills:

  • Handwriting practice. Continued practice with both print and cursive alphabets.
  • Spelling: Sight words. Words relating to money
  • Reading: Weekly reading class. TBD
  • Writing: Continuing with expository writing. Content and Supporting Details.


  • Daily sheet of math facts
  • Facts of the Week:
    • Week 20: 12−7; 16−8; 6×8; 7×7; 7×9
    • Week 21: 4×12; 8×8; 8×9; 11×11; 9×9
    • Week 22:  7×12; 8×12; 9×12; 11×12; 12×12
  • Double digit multiplication
  • Long Division with and without remainders
  • Estimation
  • Rounding Up or Down
  • Solve problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, using $ and ¢ symbols appropriately.