Urban Prairie Waldorf School
Mr. Riendeau's Class
Weekly Update - February 26, 2017

In The Classroom.

  • Morning Lesson.  This week we are entering into the world of Greek History. This is a great step for the children, one that they are eager and ready to make. Up to this point we have been looking at the world largely through the lens of myth and fable. We will not be looking at certain temporal events and people. Through the study of humankind’s deeds and striving, the students are led inwards to an experience of their own humanness.  We will begin this block looking at the geography and climate of Ancient Greece and its effect on the culture. We will then look at a biography of Heinrich Schliemann before we move onto the City-State of Athens. We will spend quite a bit of time in Athens, learning about the importance of the agora, the statesman Solon, and the underlying values of Athenian society. This, as always,  will all be surrounded by a good deal of writing, map making, dramatic reproduction, singing, and speaking.
  • Artistic Work. This week we will be painting the Peloponnesus in water color.
  • Geometry. We will be moving into the triangle more deeply over the course fit next weeks, looking specifically at the 4-5-6 triangle used by the Egyptian engineers.
  • Language Arts. There will be no Wordly Wise or SpellWell for the next few weeks, as the children will be focused on researching and writing their state reports (see below). In addition to performing our own research and writing about it, we will be getting a great deal of writing practice in the context of the morning lessons. The fifth graders are doing quite a bit of independent writing these days and will continue to do so in this block.
  • Speech, Song, Movement. This block we will be meeting outside in the morning to begin our lessons Tuesdays through Thursdays (Mondays and Fridays will begin in the classroom). Please be sure that your child is on time, as we will start the day with some running practice for the Pentathlon as well as some group games. In the classroom we will be continuing to work on Glorious Apollo (which you will hear sung at at the Pentathlon) and a spoken chorus from Antigone. 

Reminders and Other News.

  • State Reports. As you know, your child has been assigned a state for their state report. In the next day or two I will be sending a separate email to you with an outline of the project. But for now, please know that your child’s homework for this week will be to check some books out at the library on their state. They will need 3 or 4 books on their state, as well as a book or two on the person they will be portraying during their presentation. They will be asked to furnish a bibliography and choose their famous person by next Monday.