Food Team

The mission of the Food Team is to support school-wide food related activities which include: festivals, First Friday  Coffee, Chili Supper, the Day of the Dead, Chinese New Year, Michaelmas, etc., and to help as needed in classrooms, for plays, and for special events. This page is intended to provide some information about what the Food Team does, and some selected recipes that can be used year to year.

Classes take turns hosting First Friday coffee hours. These are coordinated  by the class delegates. The Food Team provides general guidance for how to prepare for these events.

First Friday Coffee Checklist

The Day of the Dead celebration is coordinated by the Spanish-language teacher. Cinnamon tea and pan de muerto are served to the students after they visit the school-wide altar. The food team bakes the pan de muerto the day before the celebration.

3rd grade Chinese New Year dumpling making is coordinated by the Chinese-language teacher. The food team assists when the dumplings are being made by the 3rd grade students, and additionally makes enough extra dumplings so that everyone in the school can have one or two on Chinese New Year.


Pan de Muerto (The Day of the Dead)

Buche de Noel (Yuletide)

Gluten-free filling for vegetarian dumplings (Chinese New Year)


Please contact Sarah Steedman or Janine Farzin for more information.