Middle School

Critical thinking & Executive Function

On the cusp of adolescence, middle school students are ready for the exciting new challenges and independence that our middle school curriculum provides.  As the rigor of the curriculum increases, we also cultivate the students’ critical thinking skills by introducing them to complex subjects and asking them to thoughtfully analyze the content.  When do the ends justify the means?  What is just vs fair?  Where do they stand in the world today and how can they affect positive change?  Our middle schoolers meet these and other questions head-on, increasing their ability to apply reason and think critically.

Executive functioning is another essential area of work for the middle schooler.  Throughout the grades, the students have increasing individual responsibility for their work.  The ability to manage their time and hand in quality assignments in a timely manner is vital to their future success.  We hone these skills in the middle school program by increasing students’ individual responsibility under the mentoring eyes of the teaching team.

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Expedition Curriculum

Expeditions are an essential part of an Urban Prairie education.  Students participate in trips outside the classroom (weekly in 8th grade) in order to better know and understand the city in we live.  Through connecting with the people and places around them, our students learn how to be a good neighbor and citizen and how to affect positive change.