Nature and Wellness

Nature and Wellness focuses on the “macro” aspects of wellness, in particular the part that nature plays in wellness. It does not dwell on “micro” aspects such as diet. (“No dogmatic commands shall be given in regard to vegetarianism, meat-eating, and so on, for these things must be a matter of personal judgment entirely … I mention this in order to avoid giving people the idea that anthroposophy entails advocating this or that kind of diet.” Rudolf Steiner)

Many in our community recognize and enjoy the benefits of nature. This page is a place to acknowledge that interest,  collocating information about nature and wellness, sharing some of the things we do, and perhaps suggesting some of the things we might do.

Articles on Nature and Us

“The Healing Power of Nature”

“Immerse Yourself in a Forest for Better Health” (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)

“The Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’”

“‘Forest Bathing’: How Microdosing on Nature Can Help With Stress”

“Designed Natural Spaces: Informal Gardens Are Perceived To Be More Restorative Than Formal Gardens”

“We Know Nature Makes Us Happier. Now Science Says It Makes Us Kinder Too”

“Leafy Green Neighborhoods Tied to Better Heart Health”


Articles on the Nature of Nature

A biologist believes that trees speak a language we can learn

How trees talk to each other” (Suzanne Simard; Ted talk)

The man who ​thinks trees talk to each other

Plants use acoustic vibes to find a drink

The great African regreening: millions of ‘magical’ new trees bring renewal


Events and Activities

Become a Certified Tree Keeper

Chicago Region Tree Initiative Urban Forestry Basic Training (2018-04-04, 2018-04-05)

Discover the Forest (locate a forest or park near you)

The Morton Arboretum: Forest Therapy Walks

The Morton Arboretum: Woodland Stewardship Program

Parent Child in the Wild Program (through 2018-05-31)


Presentations and Resources

Michele Palmer, “Healthy Home, Healthy Child, Healthy You! Protecting Your Family’s Indoor Environmental Health” (2018-04-13)

Michele Palmer, “Healthy Home, Healthy Child, Healthy You! Resources List


Please contact Charles Blair or Briana Villarubia for more information.